Our Wineries

Valdivieso currently has two production centres, one dedicated to the production of all the sparkling wines and the other to the production of all our still wines.

The plant where the sparkling wines are made is in Santiago, capital city of Chile, in the hundred-year-old winery where the Valdivieso family began to make the first sparkling wines in Chile in 1879. Its production capacity is of 6.5 million litres/year, with a storage capacity of 300,000 bottles produced using the traditional method, champenoise.

The plant where the wines are made is in Lontué, 200 kms. (124 miles) south of Santiago. All of Valdivieso’s wines are produced in this plant, from the most Premium ones, with its iconic Caballo Loco wine, to its varietal wines. Its production capacity is of 11 million liters and a capacity of 4,000 oak barrels for wine aging.

All of our products are shipped to the different markets of the world from both plants.

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